Fairview Golf Club 2016 Highlights


Fairview Membership Renewal – we increased our membership during 2016 from 42 to 61 active members.


Scholarship Awards – awarded four $1,000 scholarships to students in Palm Beach County and established a new scholarship award –“The Robbie T. Littles” Award.


2016 Fairview State Golf Tournament- Our SSAGA State Tournament held in June was a tremendous success. The tournament was well organized, excellent attendance from SSAGA members and profitable.


Community Support: Fairview members continue to provide support to many of the local organizations and activities in the county (Hope 4 Mobility, ICYG, AAGHOF, Kiwanis Northside, AKA Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, etc).


Tournaments and Awards – Fairview members have been well represented in the “Winners Circle” at all of the SSAGA Affiliate Tournaments across the state. We have increased our participation in the tournaments and four of our members hold leadership positions in the Sunshine State Amateur Golf Association.


Fairview 2016 Annual Club Championship Tournament – We held our championship tournament and award luncheon in October. The event was well attended and we crowned a new Fairview Club Champion – Pete Weng.


Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Certificates – We will continue our annual food certificate donations to six families in our community.  


It has been an exciting and great golfing season. Let’s finish the year strong and put in place a new leadership team for 2017-2018.

The Fairview schedule of golf outings and meetings will continue to be posted on the calendar and announcements website pages.